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What should we pay attention to when choosing frozen food packaging bags?


1. Impact resistance: frozen food is easily damaged by external forces during transportation, loading and unloading and shelf placement. When the impact resistance of the packaging bag is poor, it is easy to break the bag and open it, which not only affects the appearance of the packaging product, but also the impact resistance of the packaging bag can be measured by the impact resistance test of the pendulum.

2. Heat sealing strength: if the heat sealing strength of the packaging bag is not enough or is not sealed, a slight impact will cause the seal to crack; If the heat sealing temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the heat sealing layer and reduce the material strength of the sealing line. Once subjected to strong vibration or impact, it is easy to cause the bag to crack and a large area of rotten bags, which makes it impossible to effectively protect the internally packaged food. 5、 Tension and strength of interlayer peeling: if the peeling strength between the packaging bags is small and the tension is not enough, the mechanical performance of the packaging bags is poor, which is easy to cause the layering of the packaging bags and cannot achieve the due load-bearing effect, which reduces the protective performance of the packaging bags and greatly shortens the shelf life of the internal food.

3. Puncture resistance: frozen food usually hardens after freezing, especially fish and meat products, which contain bones and hard objects. It is easy to puncture the packaging bag during the transportation and stacking process after the product is extruded, which will damage the sealing of the packaging bag. Therefore, the puncture resistance of frozen food packaging is very high.

4. Pressure resistance: during transportation and loading and unloading, vibration, falling or impact will damage the transportation packaging, and even the internal sales packaging. Therefore, relevant vibration or drop tests should be carried out on frozen food packages. Choose packaging materials that can protect the quality of frozen food, reflect its commodity value, and make the comprehensive packaging cost reasonable.