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Is the color of food packaging faded?


In order to attract consumers, many companies have adopted color printing technology. This kind of packaging has been favored by consumers, which not only increases their attention, but also adds color to all kinds of food. More and more packaging is versatile. Changing the color of food packaging is very common, but why does it happen? Here, Qingdao Zhoushi plastic packaging analyzed from several aspects, and explained the reasons for replacing the packaging bags used for color changing food.

1. Use and selection of printing ink

In ordinary packaging and printing, water-based ink will be replaced, and it is easy to replace water-based ink. On the other hand, oil-based ink is printed on the packaging of special packaged food, and oil-based ink has good adsorption capacity and is difficult to replace.

2. Printing method

The usual packaging method is the seal method, and the seal is printed on the surface of the packaging. Instead of the lining printing of food packaging, the lining printing is printed on the rural side of the packaging, and by recombining and printing on the rural side of the packaging, the printing is not exposed to the outside and the printing color can be protected.

3. Accumulation environment

It is important to store the bag. Put it on the bag and under the sword. In this environment, even if the printing method of the mark fades, the bag will fade, so please put the bag in the sun and a well ventilated place and store it. This is the long-term preservation of the bag's flashy colors.